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Helene is a former brand manager, communications coordinator, copywriter, unscripted producer/story editor and most recently the recipient of 2022 WIFTV/Whistler Film Festival, Marketplace Mentorship Talent Program, 2021 PSP/WFF Storyroom Talent Program and a Canadian Cable Television Award (unscripted/Producer). Her current project includes Corner Gas alumni (Co-creator, Showrunner, Andrew Carr, Talent and muse, Tara Spencer-Nairn). 

She's worked in the film and television industry for twenty years in Vancouver and New York above and below the line starting as a Production Assistant on set and gradually moved on to script reader, researcher and development exec assistant. She worked for New York City's Film Centre, ABC Primetime, LAByrinth Theatre Company and Creative Acting Company while studying to be a playwright (LAB masters program), screenwriter and sketch comedy and improv (Upright Citizen's Brigade)(Second City)(Atlantic Theater Company). Helene eventually worked as an actor in several tv series (see IMBD) and Second Team for tv series such as NURSE JACKIE, MERCY, PRIME SUSPECT. She's spent over a decade on film sets in a variety of positions and in film studios in non-union (2nd AD, 2nd 2nd, Greens) and union positions (SAG/AFTRA). 


Helene was the baby of her family with an older sister who barely tolerated her antics as a master of tall tales - she even started a "Liar for Hire" business in second grade. For a pack of Sea Monkeys, she'd spin a yarn so convincingly, teachers called her parents and urged them to consider creative writing as an option. Back in the day, a government job was the epitome of stability, so she took an internship at the Attorney General's office while studying Communications at Simon Fraser University - a degree she never finished. If only her ADHD had been caught earlier, she'd still be basking in the glory of those juicy union wages from her snooze-worthy government gig. But with 50 jobs under her belt instead, she's got enough material for a lifetime of stories and a resume as long as the Nile River. Helene has a hidden disability she's always happy to discuss and bring light to. Give her an ask.

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