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Helene’s tone offers a bittersweet quality with a top note of humor.


THE GRIFTER SISTERS | TV Pilot | Dark Comedy | Writer

A pair of hustlers assigned witness protection in the isolated community of Point Roberts use their swindling ways to protect its retirees from cons. In the tone of Dead to Me and with the karmic satisfaction of My Name is Earl.


Schitt's Creek meets Dead to Me. Inspired by the article "The Odd Existence of Point Roberts, Washington, Life in a Piece of America tacked on to Canada." 

THE QUEEN OF TRASH | TV Pilot | Drama | Writer

During the New York City mob wars of the 1980’s an only child with delusions of grandeur takes over her father’s trash business and reveals mad skills in racketeering and recycling. The female Soprano's we've been waiting for.

ALL THE RAVE | TV Pilot | Drama | Writer | Music themed | Award Winning
A South Asian teen sets her sights on being a DJ at the start of the '90s rave scene
 but her parents have other plans like marrying a perfect stranger.


In the tone of Never Have I Ever (Mindy Kaling) All the Rave's scenes work to the beat of a music-integrated experience with Spotify soundtrack.



FAIRWATERS | TV Pilot | Drama | Quirky drama | Co-writer
Reporter Riley Davis comes to Fairwaters, a town known for unusual coincidences, to investigate the suspicious deaths of its matriarchs.

FLAT CHESTED FRAN | Web Series | Comedy | Writer | Award Winning

In the summer of ’82 twelve-year-old Fran faces the challenges of peer pressure and the possibility she’ll be called “Little Guy” in perpetuity if she doesn’t come up with a strategy before the first day of high school. Based on the true life events of the writer who struggled to hit puberty thanks to an undiscovered brain tumour.


CARDINAL | Spec Script | The Big Storm | Writer


KIM’S CONVENIENCE | Spec Script | Comedy | Writer


MY CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND | Spec Script | Comedy | Writer

JANN Spec Script | Writer | Comedy


MAJORLY F'D | Feature | Light Drama | Comedy | Writer

A washed up guitarist who blew his band’s chance to be the flagship group of the Grunge movement is invited to play a reunion concert in Seattle but first he must convince his estranged lead singer this is their chance to play their hit song the way it always deserved to be heard.

Inspired by a youtube video mixing Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit into a one-hit wonder pop song with a key change from F Minor note to F Major.

BUREAU 121 | Short | Drama | Writer | Award Winning

Over one weekend in Vancouver, a North Korean hacker decides between his family and  life as a cyber warfare terrorist or defection and love with a hotel employee. Inspired by the hacking events at Sony Pictures. 

DISCORD | Short | Play | soon-to-be Feature | Drama | Co-Writer | Award Winning

A prodigy pianist becomes unhinged when she interviews with a sexually predatory Music Director.

IT’S ONLY HELEN | Feature | Dramedy | Writer

Helen convinces her writing partner, expectant father Mike, to replace her estranged spouse at an Intimacy Camp for Couples in order to get her hefty deposit back but when they must participate in the activities pent up sex issues, dysfunctional marriages and a newfound attraction to one another comes to light.

ATTACHED | Feature | Rom-Com | Writer

A skip tracer who hunts down petty criminals for a living accidentally kills her target and becomes convinced they've returned to haunt her until she rights the wrongs from her morally bankrupt life. 


PANTSUIT VIGILANTE | Feature | Action Comedy Adventure | Writer 

A disillusioned Gen X'r discovers a magic pantsuit that transforms her into a modern-day Robin Hood and makes her tycoon father target number one. Inspired by this dumpster fire of a year and the tone of The Spy Who Loved Me.

PRISONERS | Feature | YA | Drama | Writer | Award Winner

Molly is trapped between the affections of her childhood best friend or her longing for a boy who's determined to end his life. Winner of CBC YA Screenplay Mentorship Program.

SISTERS THYME | Feature/MOW | Short Story | Monologue | Drama | Writer

Jenna and Kate Thyme hike the Laurel Canyon to reconcile their decades-long sibling rivalry but when Kate disappears, in order to find her sister Jenna must bring to light unsettling memories of their childhood, the drowning of their father, and examine her career as the Queen of Pop.


SUCKER | Short | Drama | Writer

A business man thinks he’s hiring someone to kill his wife when he fast learns he’s deadly wrong.


SMILE | Short Play | Co-writer

Two couples in different stages of their lives and relationships intersect with bittersweet revelations, humor and heartbreak during three work parties hosted at their homes.

WIND, WATER AND WOMEN | Full-length Play | Writer

Inspired by the first ever all-female sailing crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989 and the first all-female lobster crew in Nova Scotia this play explores the bonds of women who take over a man’s game. 


DISCORD | Short | Play | soon-to-be Feature | Drama | Co-Writer | Award Winning

A prodigy pianist becomes unhinged when she interviews with a sexually predatory Music Director.


#YOUTHREE | Short Play | Writer


SUPERHOT GIRL STRIKES! | Short Play | Writer 


SECRET RECIPE | Short Play | Writer


REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE | Lifestyle Program | Writer | Producer

Winner Canadian Cable Television Awards, Best PSA


WORK DAY | 11 Minute Corporate Comedy Sketch | Writer | Producer



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