Helene’s tone offers a bittersweet quality with a top note of humor.


THE QUEEN OF TRASH | TV Pilot | Drama | Writer

A wife forced to take over her husband’s garbage business starts up a new recycling venture despite the threats from her competition during the eighties mob wars in New York City.

ALL THE RAVE | TV Pilot | Drama | Writer | Music themed
After being evicted, kicked out and running away from their homes,  Emira, aspiring DJ and daughter of immigrant parents, bands together with her three best friends to take over the early nineties underground rave scene while unknowingly living above a criminal enterprise.



FAIRWATERS | TV Pilot | Drama | Co-writer | Quirky drama
Reporter Riley Davis comes to Fairwaters, a town known for unusual coincidences, to investigate the suspicious deaths of its matriarchs.

FLAT CHESTED FRAN | Web Series | Comedy | Writer 

Twelve-year-old Fran faces the challenges of peer pressure and the possibility she’ll be called “Little Guy” in perpetuity if she doesn’t come up with a strategy before the first day of high school. 


WING WOMAN | Web Series | Dramedy | Co-writer

A sister volunteers to be wing woman for her horny older sibling recovering from a tragedy. 


CARDINAL | Spec Script | Writer | The Big Storm


KIM’S CONVENIENCE | Spec Script | Writer | Comedy


MY CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND | Spec Script | Writer | Comedy

JANN Spec Script | Writer | Comedy


ATTACHED | Feature | Rom-Com | Writer

A morally bankrupt process server is forced to right the wrongs caused from her deceitful choices by the spirit of an annoyingly virtuous target she accidentally kills.


RELUCTANT SUPERHERO | Feature | Fantasy Comedy | Writer 

The forgotten daughter of the city’s smarmiest billionaire finds a superpower pantsuit ignited by her fears and uses it vigilante style to avenge her father.


PRISONERS | Feature | YA | Drama | Writer


DISCORD | Short | Drama | Co-Writer

A prodigy pianist with misophonia (extreme sound sensitivity) becomes unhinged when she interviews with a sexually predatory Music Director.


BUREAU 121 | Short | Drama | Writer

A North Korean hacker must decide between family and life as a cyber warfare terrorist or defection and love.


SUCKER | Short | Drama | Writer

A business man thinks he’s hiring someone to kill his wife when he fast learns he’s deadly wrong.


SMILE | Short Play | Co-writer

Two couples in different stages of their lives and relationships intersect with bittersweet revelations, humor and heartbreak during three work parties hosted at their homes.

WIND, WATER AND WOMEN | Full-length Play | Writer

Inspired by the first ever all-female sailing crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989 and the first all-female lobster crew in Nova Scotia this play explores the bonds of women who take over a man’s game. 



#YOUTHREE | Short Play | Writer


SUPERHOT GIRL STRIKES! | Short Play | Writer 


SECRET RECIPE | Short Play | Writer


REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE | Lifestyle Program | Writer | Producer

Winner Canadian Cable Television Awards, Best PSA


WORK DAY | 11 Minute Corporate Comedy Sketch | Writer | Producer